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Baratza 270wi

Baratza Coffee + Espresso Grinders

You probably already know that if you want to make great coffee, you need a great grinder (no, that old “spice grinder” just isn’t going to cut it). It’s time to invest in a better grinder (even before your upgrade your brewer). But don’t worry… we have your back.

Our in-store inventory of Baratza’s amazing grinders varies from day to day, but we also carry the full line of Baratza Grinders in our online store and we offer free UPS Ground Shipping (US only) so you can get it fast.

Thank you for choosing online shopping that supports our independent, family-owned bricks-and-mortar “Main Street” business. We know you have many choices of where to spend your money, and we very much appreciate your business.

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