Eva Solo 1.1 Liter Thermal Stainless Steel Carafe


Eva Solo 1.1 Liter Thermal Stainless Steel Carafe

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Elegant 1.1-Liter, Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe, holds hot or cold.

Award winning Danish Design.

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  • Drip-free stainless steel pouring lip

  • Unbreakable; stainless steel inside and out

  • With patented drip-free lip, stainless steel inside and outside. Stainless steel pouring lip. 

The Eva Solo drip-free vacuum jug with its innovative stainless steel pouring lip manages to catch the last drop of liquid being poured from splattering on the table. The patented designed pouring lip system makes this an absolutely drip-free vacuum jug. The unbreakable stainless steel jug, with an easy to hold plastic pouring handle and an exterior plastic base is ideal for serving hot or cold drinks Winner of the 2012 iF product design award. Designer: TOOLS.