Choose from our wide selection of Kilogram Teas from Intelligentsia. We carry both loose leaf and silk bagged. asted Single-Origin Intelligentsia Coffee Beans and Blends.

All our coffees are sold within eight days of roast. Oh yeah… that’s super fresh!


new Direct Trade intelligentsia coffees weekly

Since 2007 The Coffee Studio has been Chicago’s Northside’s source for a wide range of freshly roasted Intelligentsia Coffees.. Come pick out a bag today. We only sell fresh stuff!

The Coffee Studio is conveniently located on Clark Street at the North end of the Andersonville neighborhood in Chicago near Lake Shore Drive. Or swing by via Bike/Divvy, the 22 or 50 buses, or the Red Line (Bryn Mawr) with a short walk..


And while you’re here, why not stick around an enjoy a Single Origin Pour-Over? You’ll be glad you did.

Welcome to our studio.