meet our (creative) regulars: puzzler Sandor Weisz

Mystery in the Galleries

Mystery in the Galleries is a two-hour escape room, played at a table. The game is centered around a floor plan for The Institute of Steganographic Arts, where you work. One day, a new shipment arrives with 26 new pieces, by five revered artists. But there’s a problem: all the title cards have become detached from their art.

You have just two hours to match up titles with art, before the museum opens for the day. Little do you know that you are about to get some troubling news — one of the pieces is not what it seems.

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Creatures on the Loose!

Ten terrible creatures, each from an alternate dimension, have been let loose to wreak havoc on our town. The culprit’s identity and motives are unknown. Hunters have been on the case, snooping around town and collecting evidence. But they too have vanished, leaving just their locked briefcases behind. You will need to break into the briefcase, find the creatures, and figure out who is causing all this mayhem.

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“I get my best work done at The Coffee Studio. The coffee is delicious, the chairs cozy, the staff friendly, and the wifi ample.”

- Sandor Weisz

Sandor Weisz is the commissioner of The Mystery League. He builds puzzles and games for corporate team-building. His clients have included Google, Accenture, The Field Museum, Chicago Architecture Foundation, The University of Chicago, The House Theatre, The Art Institute of Chicago, Cards Against Humanity, and others. He has been making puzzles and puzzle hunts since he was a teenager. He is also a frequent contributor to the NPR Sunday puzzle. He publishes a new puzzle every weekday on Twitter at @pzlr and every other week on The Mystery League newsletter. He teaches puzzles, games at The University of Chicago and Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development. He lives in the Edgewater neighborhood with his wife and two kids.

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