meet our (creative) regulars: writer Kim Brooks

"Small Animals interrogates how we weigh risk as parents, how we judge one another's parenting and what the costs might be--not just to parents, but to children, too--of a culture of constant surveillance." ―New York Times Book Review

“Kim Brooks is a terrifically talented writer whose fiction is ambitious, sophisticated, and psychologically discerning. Her fluency in the language of complex relationships and dark psychology brings to mind the work of Ann Beattie, Mary Gaitskill, and Alice Munro, and her sense of story the work of Tobias Wolff and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Such combinations are difficult to beat.” —Ethan Canin, author of New York Times bestseller America America

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kim brooks

About Kim

Kim Brooks is the author of Small Animals: Parenthood in the Age of Fear, an NPR Best Book of the Year, described by the National Book Review as “an impassioned, smart work of social criticism and a call for support and empathy.” Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, New YorkMagazine, Good Housekeeping, Chicago Magazine, Salon, Buzzfeed, and other publications. She has spoken as a guest on CBS This Morning, PBS Newshour, 20/20, NPR’s All Things Considered, Good Morning America, the Brian Lehr Show, and many other radio shows and podcasts. Her novel, The Houseguest, was published in 2016. She lives in Chicago.


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