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Sightseeing: Works on Paper Connie Wolfe

In her time outdoors, Connie Wolfe is inspired by the subtleties, colors and textures in natural

environments that typically go unnoticed. The resulting art becomes a response to getting lost in

the complexity that nature presents. Organic shapes and tonal structures transform these realities

into obscured identities through abstraction and enlargement in her work.

Most of the pieces in this exhibition represent experiences from walking around Chicago,

Milwaukee, San Diego and parts of Japan and Iceland.

detached by Connie Wolfe

detached by Connie Wolfe

About the Artist

Connie Wolfe received an MFA in Printmaking from Ohio University in 2005 and a BA in Painting from the

University of Wisconsin-Parkside in 1996. She also attended two study abroad programs, in Italy and in

England, and has since traveled to Mexico, Ireland, Japan and Chile. Since receiving her MFA, her

work has been included in both juried and invitational exhibitions nationally and internationally and has

won prizes in national printmaking competitions. Her prints are featured in many permanent collections

such as the Racine Art Museum, Derby Fine Arts, Ltd., the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, the

Ekaterinberg Museum of Fine Arts and the National Small Print Collection at the University of

Wisconsin-Parkside. She participated in a month-long residency at the Vermont Studio Center,

served as an elected officer for the Mid-America Print Council for four years, and was a resident

exhibiting artist in the 2010-2011 Chicago Artist Coalition Gallery. Most recently, Connie was

commissioned to create two small installations for Freeman Health Systems in Joplin, Missouri, a small

installation for Delnor Hospital in Geneva, Illinois, an installation for Northwestern Regional Medicine in

Winfield, Illinois and a kinetic wall sculpture for a private collector in Chicago, Illinois.

You can find more about Connie Wolfe at her website: conniewolfe.com