What do we mean when we say "Barista"?

* We think a barista is not just any Person Behind The Counter (PBTC) at a sandwich or coffee shop, but someone with training, respect for, and pride in, the highly-specialized craft of making great coffee. If you dig around a bit, you'll discover there's actually a whole community out there of highly-skilled, passionate baristas who know a ton about coffee, from how it's really grown in origin countries all the way to how to make it sing in their customer's cup.   [Movie-time! Meet some of the diverse voices of the barista community on YouTube.]

About the positions

Barista responsibilities include:     
- Engaging customers and surpassing their needs     
- Taking orders and ringing up sales     
- Preparing and servings coffee and other drinks     
- Preparing and serving simple snacks   
- Developing barista skills and helping train new hires     
- Maintaining the store environment and equipment     
- Re-stocking inventory and communicating store needs     
- Ensuring food safety standards are met     
- Recommending product and process improvements     

Lead Baristas/Shift Managers are also responsible for:    
- Directing and monitoring staff     
- Coaching barista skill development     
- Providing hiring and performance feedback     
- Resolving unmet customer concerns     
- Managing inventory/ordering levels     
- Shift logistics, documentation and communication

Application Below

Please drop off your completed application at the front counter.

We are located at 5628 N Clark St and are open every day from 6:30am until 9:00pm.

We hope this is the start of a beautiful relationship!

Technical Note About Opening/Saving Your Application

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Therefore we recommend either printing out the blank application and filling it out by hand, or typing it in and then printing it out (or, as mentioned, "Printing to PDF" as an alternate way to save a non-editable copy). 

Also, if you have any trouble downloading the file at all, try "right-clicking" button below and "Save link as..."

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